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Changing a cuff seal with the Kubi “Fitted” system.

The Kubi System is very good and a widely used dryglove system.

However, we have been receiving customers drysuits where they are experiencing difficulty in removing the inner cuff ring element when wanting to change a cuff seal and this appears to be more prevalent in the colder/winter temps as it seems the silicone required to work the system possibly hardens and dries and then “beds in” within the system especially if has been some time since it had any tlc.

We advise to make a regular check to ensure it is possible to push in the inner seal retaining ring and also the re-silcone of the surfaces (if required) of the cuff exchange system to ensure that you are able to replace a cuff when it is actually required to do so which may be at a dive site or a boat dive.

At The Drysuit Repair Company workshop, we GENTLY heat the outer metal ring that is glued attached to the drysuit.
This softens the silicone grease that is required to insert the cuff ring and possibly slightly enlarges the metal outer ring making the removal of the inner ring much much easier.

Of course we know that you do not carry a hairdryer with you when diving but regular checking of the system will make the process easier!

Check the procedure in our diagram to the right.

It is important to note that you push the inner ring inwards from basically one point and do not try to push it in centrally/equally as it will be very difficult in this way.

Make yourself familiar with the procedure and fitting of the o-rings and seals on the Kubi “Fitted” system.


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