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Predator Unique Design, Ergonomical, Responsive, Technical Drysuit

We Design & Build Custom MTM Drysuits
Our Drysuits Are A “Low Volume” Design And Some Would Say “Cave Cut”

We Prefer "Optimised Fit"

When we design and manufacture The “Expedition” we use our well developed master pattern very similar to the “Evolution” but differs by being built lighter in design due to single layer overlay protection, straight arm and knee panels. The effect is a lighter to wear drysuit for all aspects of diving but as durable as any drysuit we have manufactured

Primary Drysuit Design Details
“Shaped Forward” Main Body Panels
Hip To Cuff Underarm Panel Allows Shutdowns
Telescoping  Upper Body Torso For Easy Donning
Single Cordura Protection On Upper Body
Single Layer Cordura Protection In Knee Panels
Crotch Panel Panel For Maneuverability At Difficult Dive Sites
Design Specific Cargo Pockets

Drysuit Construction
Ballistic Trilaminate Material
Single Layer Overlay On Upper Body
Eight Step Sewing, Gluing & Taping Using Our
Tried & Tested Rubber Tape Seam Sealing Process
Medium Weight BDM Brass Dryzip
Zipped Outer Dry Zip Cover
Sitech Swivel Inflate Valve
Sitech Shoulder Dump Valve
Latex Neck Seal With Neoprene Warm Neck Collar
Latex Cuff Seals
Heavy Duty Braces
3.5mm Neoprene Socks (Standard Build)
(Picture Show Boots)
Drysuit Overlay Panels & Contrasting Thread Options Available
Black, Grey, Red, Royal, Purple & Orange

Expedition Custom Drysuits

Expedition Custom – MTM Drysuit
From £1695.00

Predator Drysuits

Typically Used By Customers For Recreational, Wreck, Blue Water
Cave, Cavern, Cenote & Diving Explorations Around The World
100% Custom Made In Great Britain
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