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News & Updates 2024

We have been able to maintain our drysuit prices for the last six years but unfortunatly now require to adjust them for 2024 and in the interest of transparency I would like to inform you that they will be adjusted at Midnight on the 31st January 2024

The Predator Evolution will increase to £1795.00
(There are no foreseeable changes as it has “Evolved”!

The Predator Expedition will increase to £1695.00
(The Expedition will be changed to N100 Nylon Trilaminate it was originaly manufactured from, and using single layer Cordura reinforcing making a lighter weight drysuit still with good durability)

Both drysuit prices are excluding extras that may be required

Predator Custom MTM  Option Prices
Kubi “Fitted” Cuff System including Silicon Seal Set and  the Kubi “Glove Half Set”
£236.00 (Complete System)

Kubi “Fitted” Cuff System including Silicon Seal Set

Sitech Oval Cuff System including Silicon Seals

Sitech “Orust” Neck System including Silicon Seal

There are various choices and depend on price at the point of ordering

Other personal specification and options are available and can be discussed with you

Current Lead Times 29th May 2024
On confirmation of order to completion it is currently 4 to 5 weeks although this can be effected by seeing you for the first stage fitting date by arrangement.

100%  designed and manufactured in the UK

Predator Drysuits

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