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Your Measurements Section 1

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Your Measurements In Centimetres ( Section 1)

Please do not attempt to measure yourself! Ask someone to help you with this stage Wear shorts and t-shirt or other close-fitting clothing. Stand straight and relaxed Measure firmly but not tightly to the nearest 2mm, We will make the allowance for your undersuit fit. All measurements are checked and if we think there may be a mistake we will contact you and ask you to re-measure the measurement in question You May Find It Helpful To Take A Look At The PDF or EXCEL Forms For Further Guidance On The previous Page Before Completing This Form Please do not hesitate to contact us if you require help with completing the measurement section (01425 620571) We Are Very Experienced At Manufacturing MTM Drysuits And Confident In Our Process

1) Neck Circumference (cm)

2 ) Shoulder To Wrist (Hold Arm Down By Side) (cm)

3) Armpit To Ankle Bone (cm)

4) Chest (Relaxed) (cm)

5) Waist (At Narrowest Point) (cm)

6) Hip (Across Bum) (cm)

7) Top Of Thigh (cm)

7B) Mid Thigh (cm)

8) Knee (cm)

9) Calf At Thickest Point (cm)

11) Inside Leg (Top Of Inside Leg To Ankle Bone) (cm)

12) Top Of Knee To Ankle Bone (cm)

Your Measurements Section 2

14) Bicepts At Thickest Point (cm)

15) Elbow (cm)

16) Forearm (cm)

17) Wrist (cm)

20) Wrist To Crease In Elbow (cm)

Your Measurements Section 3

18) Front Body (Centre Of Crotch To Hollow Below Adams Apple) (cm)

19) Back Body length (Centre Of Crotch To Base Of Rear Neck) (cm)

21) How Tall Are You (cm)

Your Measurements Section 4

22) Shoulder Width Across Your Back (Shoulder Bone To Shoulder Bone) (cm

27) Base Of Neck At Side To Wrist Bone (cm)

28) Centre Back Spine To Wrist (Hold Arm Horizontal From Side As If Pointing To Something On The Horizon To Your Side) (cm)

29) Shoe Size Required (UK Size)

Extra Measurements For Ladies Section 5

23) Ladies Measurement Above Bust (cm)

24) Ladies Measurement Around Bust (cm)

25) Ladies measurement Under Bust (cm)

26) Widest Point Around Hips Over Bum (cm)

Comment & Information You Wish To Add

Comment & Information You Wish To Add

Payment Details

Please Contact Us With Payment Details AFTER We have Checked And Confirmed With You That We Are Satisfied With Your Submitted Measurement Form

Thank You!

Thank You For Completing This Stage Of Ordering Your New Predator Custom Made Drysuit