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Rapid Drysuit Service & Repair
Professional, Experienced & Comprehensive
Commercial & Recreational Drysuit Repair

The Drysuit Repair Company Are Specialists In The  Repair Of Diving & Surface Use Drysuits, undertaking neoprene and latex seals, dryzips, boot replacement etc to all brands, Based On the south coast of the UK And The Repair Division Of predator custom drysuits

completing more than 20,000 Drysuit Repairs To date

The workshop Is fully equipped With 9 machines, 4 types of glue, 4 types of tape, many ancillary items and a host of personal tools used in the process of manufacturing and repairing all types of wetsuits & drysuits of any brand
Repairs Are On A “Like For Like” Basis Wherever Practical

There are So many aspects to the  drysuit repairs we undertake and are probably to numerous to list so please call with your requirements If We Do Not List Your repair

Free EXPERT ADVICE On all Aspects of drysuit Repair

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DUI Drysuit Zip Repair

Dry Zip Replacement To A “Like For Like” Standard
Original Dry Zip Sewn In As Is the New Zip For This Job

Latex Seal Set Required

Latex Seal Set Complete

Neck Seal System

Seal System Installed

Poor Dry Zip Condition

Zip Care Administered