About Us

Hi and welcome,

I’m Dennis Mears and the owner, designer and manufacturer of Predator Custom Drysuits

We design And manufacture a very bespoke range of technical
and neoprene drysuits and producing only a low number of drysuits per year, we offer a very personalised and high quality product dedicated to each individual customers requirements most often within the “Technical” diving area but equally guiding and designing the novice diver with their first ever drysuit, how exciting!

Dennis Mears personally designs all Predator Drysuits and has a small dedicated team who help manufacture them from start to finish here on the South Coast of England where we care for, and take great pride in, any Predator Product or service that you order or use.

We are also happy to say we keep manufacturing here in the UK and will never have our drysuits outsourced which means we keep our drysuits optimised and enables quality at the best we can offer

“My whole life has been spent around the Ocean”

Living for Jacques Yves Cousteau’s programs, I Joined The Sea cadets (anyone who knew me then would have told you “Dennis will join the navy”!)
However, I didn’t…I started snorkeling after work during the summers in my home made wetsuit in 1971 off the good old training bank in Poole and of course Kimmeridge and fortunate enough to have access to scuba kit a couple of years afterwards and have dived on and off all of this time

As well as diving, for nearly the same amount of time I have also surfed, sailed, long distance swam, kayaked, triathloned and waterskied, in, on, or under the ocean, I have loved it all and have a lifetime of experience in the use, manufacture and design of many types of equipment we use for our waterborne activities and I hope this will be of service to you when you need us.

This involvement has given me a great understanding of Predator Drysuits and our customers requirements when I design and manufacture them.

We have heaps of heart, passion and dedication for what we do.

Thank you for visiting and please do not hesitate to contact us by telephone: 01425 620571 or Email if you require further information on any Predator Product or Service.


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