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1) It is clear to us all that the world is changing and how we go about our daily lives and so it has also been a time of change for Predator.
An exciting aspect is I have trialed some Zoom meetings with customers online who have ordered a drysuit that for now of course cannot visit the workshop.

It is about a 60/40 ratio of visiting customers to customers who order by email and telephone conversations.
However, using a comprehensive measurement form and after two and a half decades of designing and manufacturing MTM drysuits, I feel qualified to carry on working from your set of submitted measurements without un-nessarily seeing you in person.

Now, using Zoom, or any preferred platform, we can meet face to face to discuss your order and specifications and for me to confirm the measurement form after it has been completed, submitted and it has been checked by myself.
I can then talk you through any that may not appear quite right before starting your order and this is great for our customers who live to far to travel to us although many have made the trip!

2) Last year I offered a one day fitting service, this was mainly for lady customers who do require an MTM fit and also for xxl-xxxl male customers and is by arrangement only and is not required by almost all of my male customers as I am confident in my procedures, please check my videos!

I ask you to arrive early-ish, we have a conversation about your requirements and spec, I take your measurements and then you go for a walk, to the beach or a coffee etc for a few hours.
While you are away I design, cut out and seam the two half’s together for the same day fitting and if required make any adjustments there and then.
This can be around about a six hour process but saves a return trip for the first stage fitting.

However, now having to find new and different ways to operate, the Zoom meeting is proving to be a fantastic way to meet you face to face and is a positive way forward for Predator and you.

I look forward to meeting you!

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